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Kaeri is a self taught Toronto based cosplayer since 2013. What started as just joiningher friends in silly fun has become a passion for learning, creating and overcoming challenges (along with collecting an entire closet full of costumes). When she’s not watching anime or gaming, she enjoys helping others learn about makeup, prop making and sewing skills she has picked …



Kitsurie is a bubbly toronto based Cosplayer since 2008! She specializes in prop making and enjoys the learning process of making her own cosplays. However, she is also an expert in buying cosplays on a budget. She enjoys giving advice on anything from crafting, makeup, skincare and bonding with people over her current Fandoms. See her judging at the cosplay …


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cospayton is an award-winning self-taught cosplayer, photographer, and pattern maker with over adecade of cosplay and theatre experience under their belt. Supporting con-goers and cosplayers alike with a wide range of products for all your cosplay needs. CosPayton prides themself on providing inclusive sizes, specific character resources, and free support.