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Digitrevx as guest at IFFT 2019

March 19, 2019

Digitrevx has worked with Vtubers on multiple channels, creating the 3D Models that are used for their content. Characters such as Mirai Akari, Nastumi Moe, Yomemi, and Eilene. He is an ex-video game developer who has worked in the video game industry for about 7 years. He discovered MMD (MikuMiku Dance) after leaving the video game industry and decided to work on Anime models. 

He had a short career with Danny Choo working on various projects leading up to making the 3D sculpt for a few of his smart doll products like Chitose and Eiji. However, it was through MMD that he was discovered by different groups like AniRevo, and Goboiano, as well as Vtuber clients in need of custom high quality models. He currently works with Goboiano as an art director leading their animation department in new 3D Anime Character projects and content.

Make sure to catch him in our Main Events hall throughout the course of the weekend, and also catch his panels, “Inside Creating Custom 3D Characters for MMD,” and “Intro to MikuMiku Dance.”